In this job market more than any other in history, quality talent is difficult to find. This drives businesses leaders to outsource for impactful positions and projects.  Consultants should be smart and reinvent themselves because current job market forces demand it. 

In this war for talent environment, how do you identify a consultant that will be the right partner? Here are three elements to demand from a good consultant:

·      Develop a small and well-defined SOW. Consultants should never over-reach or over promise, instead they should begin a relationship by helping solve one specific problem. 

·      Embrace your company’s talent. Your business already has smart people and all the capabilities and answers it needs. Sometimes it is difficult to see the forest for the trees on a day to day basis. A consultant should provide the ability to your people to develop the vision to see what they currently cannot.

·      Enable your people. At every stage, a good consultant will create and hand over the tools for you and your people to go it alone.

I work for Management Resources the consulting division of Robert Half. RHMR provides senior level accounting, finance and business system consultants.


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