Hokkaido Re-quarantines

Hokkaido prefecture in Japan (population: 5 million) declared a state of emergency February 28th, saw no new cases on March 17th, then relaxed restrictions on March 18th. On April 12th they re-instituted the state of emergency due to a leap in cases. 

This is probably going to be the story around the world. Sadly, like seemingly everything, it is becoming a hyper-political argument in America on when to reopen. It’s true that we cannot hide from this disease forever. A vaccine is a long way off and society cannot function like this long term. When we reopen parts of the economy, we have to understand that we can only do that if precautions are taken. Want a haircut? Sanitize your hands and wear a mask. Want groceries? Sanitize/Mask. Want to go to the movies? You get it.
When infections inevitably flare up locally, 3-week shutdown. Repeat until herd immunity and/or vaccine is (hopefully) available in late 2021 or early 2022. That’s the answer, folks. If your leaders take a different course, good luck to you.


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