We all want the best talent sitting next to us (well… virtually) to assist in meeting goals in a timely, effective and cost efficient manner. I would like to make the case that you should use the best talent for your positions or projects anywhere and not have to hire anyone.  Particularly in the current environment in which we are attempting to operate.  When will we open, when will we close again, how can I find the right talent from my sofa?
A relationship with an Agile Talent provider can transform and revolutionize your relationship with your workforce. Agile Talent can stand up a department, a project or a single position if need be.
  • What is Agile Talent?
    • Agile talent is a quick and cost-efficient way to get access to expertise quickly.
    • Agile Talent methodology utilizes the vast quantity and quality of the talent universe through technology-enabled access to a global talent network.
    • Agile talent, powered by cloud resourcing can transform the way your business operates.
Agile does not rely solely on technology. My experience has shown me that internet based sourcing platforms alone cannot adequately meet talent needs from a quality and culture fit perspective. An experienced partner needs to be accessible to client partners to assure success.
  • Expertise – Access to global talent workforce. Teams for specific projects already established. Culture and Quality!
  • Efficiency – Because we source from cloud resources built over years, we are much more cost effective. Risk and associated costs of the employee relationship are borne by the provider.
  • Speed – No wasted time on rounds of interviews and giving notice.
  • Flexibility – who, what, when and where you need talent adjusting and “dialing-in” as necessary.
Please shoot me an email or give me a call. I would welcome a discussion on how we can help.